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As we age, our forehead and brows begin to sag.

At Plastic Surgeons of Akron brow lift is used as an ideal remedy for a tired appearance caused by sagging brows. For men and women wishing to reduce wrinkles and achieve a more restful and relaxed look, a brow lift is a popular procedure. This cosmetic forehead rejuvenation procedure from Plastic Surgeons of Akron is performed by Dr. Pedersen and raises the brows to a more youthful position.

Used to correct sagging eyebrows and soften frown lines or forehead creases, a brow lift can be performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery or a facelift to improve the appearance of the entire face.

Types of Brow Lifts

Choose a brow lift to remedy a tired or sad appearance caused by sagging brows.

Incisions may be across the top of the head just behind the hairline or, if the procedure is done with an endoscope, there are three to five short incisions. There are three techniques to consider:

Endoscopic Lift

An endoscopic lift involves a miniature camera, called an endoscope, which Dr. Pedersen uses to examine the tissue and muscle structure beneath the skin and adjust them to deliver the best brow lift Akron has to offer. The forehead skin is lifted and repositioned and the brow muscles are adjusted to match the new contour of your skin. Your eyebrows will be raised and secured into a higher and more youthful position.

Hairline Lift

The mid-scalp or hairline lift technique is recommended for patients with a high forehead or high hairlines. In this technique, the incision is made at the intersection of the hairline, and the forehead hairline is not raised any higher but still allows the brow area to be elevated.

Lateral Lift

The Lateral Lift focuses on improving the sagging skin and crow's feet around the temple and sides of the eyebrows. The incisions are placed behind the hairline at the temples, and the excess skin is removed. The incisions are then closed, the patient's forehead and hair are washed, and a bandage is applied.

Brow Lift Akron

Preparations Prior to Surgery

Be open with Akron plastic surgeon Dr. Pedersen about all previous surgeries, biopsies, over-the-counter medications, diet pills, supplements, herbs, and anything else you may be taking.

It is vital to have an open conversation about your current lifestyle and work activity to make sure you are giving your body the proper time it needs to heal.

One week prior to surgery and after surgery, avoid these over-the-counter medications and supplements as they act as blood thinners and could cause problems with blood clotting:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • St. John's Wort
  • Vitamin E

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol several weeks before your procedure, and drink plenty of water to allow your body to be as hydrated as possible. Hydration will help with the healing process.

Recovery After Brow Lift

After surgery, it is important to have someone to drive you home. Your forehead will be wrapped to lessen swelling. Dr. Pedersen will provide you with a specific after-care recovery routine.

The recovery process is different for everyone, but within a day, you should be able to be up and around. It is advised to be home from work for the next 2-4 weeks to allow for swelling and bruising to lessen and for the incisions to heal. Scars are hidden within the hairline and will fade naturally.

Your Brow Lift Results

Once you heal, you will notice a more restful and natural appearance. It is essential to continue to protect your face from sun damage and exposure to lessen the aging process. A proper skincare regimen and SPF are recommended.

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A great result can only be achieved with great communication with your surgeon. We can answer your questions and work with you to decide if a brow lift procedure is the right option for you. Upon speaking with Dr. Pedersen, together you will discover the right technique for your facial structure that will provide the best results for you. You may also consider other procedures to have done at the same time such as dermal fillers and other skin treatments.

Akron plastic surgeon Dr. Pedersen

Brow Lift FAQs

What are the risks?

Any major surgery can pose some risks such as bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. A brow lift procedure's specific risks may include:

  • Scarring
  • Numbness at the incision site
  • Asymmetry of the brows.
  • Possible hair loss at the incision site.

How much does a brow lift cost?

Every procedure is tailored to the patient. The cost is determined by the patient's needs and overall health. These procedures are considered elective and would not be covered by health insurance. However, no-interest financing is available through CareCredit. We do accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How long is the recovery?

Brow lift recovery is different for each patient and technique. It is advised to expect 2-4 weeks of recovery time and refrain from heavy lifting, strenuous physical activity, and operating heavy machinery.

What health insurance plans do you accept?

These procedures are considered elective and would not be covered by health insurance. However, at Plastic Surgeons of Akron, no-interest financing is available through CareCredit. Additionally we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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