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If you are looking for a radiant treatment that will soften fine lines, and you are not getting the kinds of results you're looking for with glycolic or other chemical peels, then you may want to consider a different kind of peel.

At Plastic Surgeon of Akron chemical peels are offered in a large variety of different peels that can help you identify which one works best for your skin needs and timeline. Depending on the peel’s depth, the downtime can range from a day or two to several weeks. It is important to trust your skin to a qualified chemical peel specialist like the ones at Plastic Surgeons of Akron. Chemical peels are second nature to them, and they will help guide you through the selection process. At Plastic Surgeons of Akron, we strive to provide the best chemical peels Akron has to offer.

Obagi Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel penetrates the outer layers of the skin, causing it to peel off over seven to ten days and reveal younger, more vibrant skin beneath the surface. The peel is named for its distinctive blue hue that remains on the skin for about 12 hours to 24 hours after application, then washes right off. This is a lighter peel that requires about ten days for full healing.

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The Perfect Derma Peel

The Perfect Derma Peel is a medium peel that promises results in one week with minimal downtime. The Perfect Derma Peel includes many of the same chemicals as other peels, but also adds the antioxidant Glutathione to boost the skin’s radiance and anti-aging properties. The peel requires very little preparation and is typically complete within a week of application.

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Skinmedica Illuminize Peel

The Skinmedica Illumize Peel is the lightest of the three Skinmedica peels. It offers little-to-no signs of visible peeling and no downtime. You can expect to see renewed, healthier-looking skin and a reduction in minor skin imperfections such as discoloration of the skin due to acne in the days following treatment.

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Skinmedica Vitalize Peel

Skinmedica Vitalize hits the sweet spot between the Illumize Peel and the Rejuvenize Peel. It will visibly peel the skin but doesn’t take as long to recover as the Rejuvenize Peel. It is also a great “test” peel for those considering a deeper peel but are worried about the potential negative side effects. Patients who can tolerate the Vitalize Peel are generally able to handle the deeper peels without skin discoloration or other issues.

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Skinmedica Rejuvenize Peel

The Skinmedica Rejuvenize Peel is the strongest of the three Skinmedica peels. It is tailored to solving moderate to severe skin issues and must be administered by a licensed medical professional like the ones at Plastic Surgeons of Akron. The Skinmedica Rejuvenize Peel is most effective when done as a series of peels spaced five weeks apart, but results can be seen after a single application.

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Chemical Peels Akron

Before Your Peel

While the degree of preparation for your chemical peel will ultimately depend on the peel you select, there are a few good skincare tips to follow regardless of the peel you choose.

Most chemical peels can dry out the skin (they are, after all, using chemicals to remove the top layer of skin from your face). To minimize the discomfort of this, Akron chemical peel patients should avoid using any procedures or products that could increase skin sensitivity or dry out the skin before their peel.

If you have questions about what aspects of your usual skincare routine you may want to amend before your peel, please bring them up during your Plastic Surgeons of Akron chemical peel consultation. Our trained chemical peel specialists will give you specific guidance on how best to take care of your skin to make sure you are ready for your peel.

After Your Peel

Your new skin is going to be more sensitive to the sun. Following your peel, you will want to avoid sun exposure if possible (or at least use full-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 35 or higher before going out into direct sunlight). This increased sensitivity will fade over time, but continuing to use proper sun protection will increase the longevity of your peel and reduce the damaging effects of sun exposure in the future.

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When applied correctly by a trained professional like the ones at Plastic Surgeons of Akron, chemical peels are a terrific way to revitalize the skin and be sure that you look great for your next big event. Get a one-on-one consultation with the Plastic Surgeons of Akron today to help find out which chemical peel is right for you.

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