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Our mommy makeover procedures are designed to help shed extra inches around the waist and lift or enhance tired breasts.

It is an excellent solution for women who have had one or more children, but the techniques used can also be beneficial for patients seeking a full-scale body enhancement.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

At our office in Akron Mommy makeover is offered as a surgical enhancement procedure that combines multiple facial, breast, and body contouring treatments. The goal is to target areas of the body that are commonly affected by the process of having children, breastfeeding, gaining weight, experiencing lifestyle changes, and hormonal fluctuations.

This is a highly individualized procedure, which means it is unique for each patient and tailored to suit their personal needs.

Board-certified mommy makeover Akron plastic surgeon John Pedersen, M.D., and his expert team provide patients with the highest quality aesthetic enhancement procedures in Akron. Ranging from solutions such as facial plastic surgery, body contouring procedures, breast enhancement surgeries, injectables, and Medical Spa treatments, a mommy makeover can include whatever elements you and Dr. Pedersen think will achieve the best results.

What Procedures are Included?

The elements of a mommy makeover will vary based on each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goal, but the procedure may include:

In some cases, these will all be performed in one single sitting, but other patients may opt for or require spacing out between surgeries. Patients can combine many different solutions to achieve one final result. It’s an excellent opportunity to correct any and all imperfections and achieve the body of your dreams. Enhancements can be made to trim away loose fat, tighten muscles, correct posture, pull skin taut, enhance the symmetry of your figure and alter the shape, size, and overall contour of certain features.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover can be a type of cure-all for many common aesthetic concerns women have, including changes due to weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, and everything that comes with being a parent.

Many patients who opt for the mommy makeover procedure have found that they have no time to commit to the type of exercise regimen or physical activity it would take to see their desired results. Others have tried different diets or lifestyle changes to no avail.

Mommy makeover can be successfully performed on women who are at least six-months post-childbirth and have lost all the excess baby weight. You must also be in good general health, and we believe patients should carefully consider the results and have a realistic expectation of the outcome. Aside from this, mommy makeover procedures are ideal for women who have:

  • Experienced changes in their bodies that have made them feel self-conscious
  • Tried diet and exercise without the desired results
  • Been diagnosed with physical issues such as abdominal separation (diastasis), that may not be remedied by exercise alone
  • Had one or more children and are not planning another pregnancy
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What are the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover?

When you start seeing drastic changes in the mirror in your face, breasts, and body, it can be extremely discouraging or cause some patients to develop self-esteem issues. You may not feel comfortable in the type of clothing you used to wear or have trouble in things like tight exercise clothes or bathing suits. For many, the confidence and self-esteem boost is the most rewarding part of a mommy makeover.

Other benefits of the procedure include:

  • Regain your pre-pregnancy figure
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • Improve skin tightness and tone
  • Perkier, more youthful breast
  • A more flattering body figure

What Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in Akron?

The cost of a mommy makeover will factor in all the traditional costs, including surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, hospital or facility costs, compression garments, and follow-up treatments. However, the final price of your procedure will depend entirely on the different procedures you choose, whether you opt for many surgeries at once or spread out over time, and the extent of correction and augmentation desired. Implants and more dramatic enhancements will have a greater financial commitment. That is why we work hard to provide you the best tummy tuck Akron has to offer.

Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

Since a mommy makeover procedure consists of many major surgical procedures, it is important to make all the necessary arrangements you’ll need during your downtime.

You’ll want to ensure that any small children are properly cared for, as you will be very limited in your movements during the first 1 to 3 weeks.

Taking off from work is also recommended during this time. If you are opting to come back for additional surgeries.

You’ll have to discuss the scheduling with your surgeon well in advance so you can plan accordingly. Strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and bending should be avoided for the first few weeks and compression garments will be provided to help with inflammation.

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