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Millions of people around the world have chosen Botox Cosmetic to relax dominant frown muscles and diminish the appearance of dynamic wrinkles.

Botox is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a natural botulinum toxin protein to relax expressive facial muscles, leaving the skin smooth and free of wrinkles. Receiving Botox injections is a fast and reliable way to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and look years younger without going under the knife. The FDA approved Botox on April 15, 2002, as a temporary cosmetic injection designed to treat moderate or severe frown lines in adult patients in the United States.

How Does Botox Work?

Relax dominant frown muscles and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Botox for wrinkles works by injecting a protein into areas of the face that are bothering a patient due to the presence of expression lines.

Most commonly, these occur as vertical creases between the brows (11 lines), on the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), and horizontal forehead lines (dynamic forehead wrinkles). Many patients, both male & female, notice fine lines and wrinkles beginning to form around age 30. A lifetime of repeated facial expressions will eventually etch these lines deep into the skin. Botox may help slow the aging process by forcing the underlying muscle to reduce movement. When the facial muscles are at rest thanks to the effects of Botox, the skin above the muscle remains smooth. Botox is the world’s most popular way to reduce facial wrinkles, with effects lasting 3-6 months in most patients.

Akron Plastic Surgeon Dr. Pedersen

Benefits Of Botox Injections

Plastic Surgeons of Akron Botox offers help to our patients look more youthful. When injected by Dr. Pedersen, a board-certified plastic surgeon with 18 years of experience, the results look completely natural. A skilled injector, he’ll select the perfect number of Botox units to achieve a great result.

With advanced knowledge of the facial musculature and many years of experience with cosmetic injectables, Dr. Pedersen skillfully administers just the right amount of Botox into the correct muscles to achieve the desired effect.

The entire procedure takes just a few minutes to perform. Afterward, patients enjoy beautifully youthful, wrinkle-free skin with diminished eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. The treatment is precisely tailored to your individual needs.

How Long Do Botox Results Last?

Botox has long-lasting results with an average duration of 3-6 months in the majority of patients. The effects of the Botox Akron plastic surgeon injects only take a few days to work. Just a few days after treatment, most patients begin to notice a reduction in facial muscle movement and overall smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin at the injection site. Studies indicate that the full results of treatment are typically visible within 10-14 days post-injection. Unlike facial plastic surgery, Botox provides long term, but temporary, results.

The beauty of Botox is it is very affordable in comparison to cosmetic facial surgery. Additionally, there is no downtime and pain is quite minimal. Most patients report that Botox injections are surprisingly fast, easy, and well-tolerated.

As the product gradually wears off at the 3 to 6-month mark, the facial muscles will resume normal movement. Wrinkles and lines will slowly begin to reappear during this time. To maintain the youthful results of treatment, it is recommended to come in for a follow-up, or “top off” in order to continue enjoying young-looking skin that is free of pesky wrinkles and expression lines. While there is no harm in discontinuing Botox use, each successive treatment builds upon the results of the last when performed prior to the product wearing off entirely. This may potentially extend the time between Botox injections, and some patients may eventually need less Botox to get the same effect over time.

Botox Recovery

There is no Botox recovery time to speak of. Most patients return to professional and social duties immediately after treatment. Redness at the injection site typically diminishes in less than one hour after treatment. Temporary swelling is also a common reaction. The vast majority of patients will notice a reduction in swelling within an hour or so after treatment. Redness and swelling are common reactions to cosmetic injectables and are rarely a cause of concern.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox was FDA approved for cosmetic use in 2002 after years of research and clinical trials in the United States. Side effects of Botox are rare but have been reported. Adverse risks, such as allergic reaction or cosmetic defects such as temporary drooping eyelids, are uncommon in the hands of an experienced Botox injector. This does not preclude all risks, however.

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