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What is TruSculpt ID fat elimination treatment?

At our office in Akron TruSculpt ID is an innovative non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting treatment for removing unwanted body fat. Fat is eliminated without diet and exercise. The procedure is comfortable and requires no downtime. Clinical studies have shown that one 15-minute treatment can result in an average of 24 percent fat reduction.

Our Akron plastic surgeon is proud to include TruSculpt ID in its comprehensive array of cosmetic procedures offered to women and men. Over the past two decades, Dr. John Pedersen has built Plastic Surgeons of Akron into a premiere practice.

Plastic Surgeons of Akron is the only practice in the Akron area that offers TruSculpt ID under the direction of a board-certified plastic surgeon. As a result, Plastic Surgeons of Akron can combine body sculpting technique, TruSculpt ID, with other treatments and surgical options to provide patients with customized, maximum results. Med spas and dermatology offices frequently simply “sell” products to patients. Plastic Surgeons of Akron provides versatile, comprehensive, and personally tailored treatment plans, including injectables, surgical procedures, and physician-grade skincare.

How does TruSculpt ID work?

The treatment uses radiofrequency energy to target fat cells. Unwanted fat cells are heated until they are destroyed. TruSculpt ID delivers heat to subcutaneous fat layers while maintaining a comfortable skin temperature. Patients often say the treatment feels like a warming hot stone massage. TruSculpt ID will not damage your skin. The liquified, destroyed fat cells are naturally removed from your body as waste. We strive to provide you with the best TruSculpt ID Akron has to offer, that's why we can treat your abdomen and flanks in a single 15-minute session.

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What are the benefits of TruSculpt ID?

The treatment can result in a body fat reduction of up to 24 percent in targeted areas. You will lose inches of fat from your waistline and other problem areas, including “love handles,” buttocks, hips, and thighs. As a result, you’ll enjoy improved self-confidence and quality of life! Your clothes will fit more comfortably. You may even need to reduce your wardrobe sizes or move down a couple of notches on your belt.

All of this can be achieved in a series of several quick sessions without intense dieting and exercise. Plus, TruSculpt ID enables you to avoid the expense and recovery time of surgical procedures.

It’s important to remember that the treatment is not meant to result in significant weight loss. Fat doesn’t weigh nearly as much as muscle and other body tissues. TruSculpt ID should not be used as a treatment for obesity.

You can still gain weight after the treatment, and fat may grow in untreated areas of your body. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Your TruSculpt ID session

The treatment is so gentle and comfortable that you can pass the time reading a book or using a mobile device. A single treatment lasts about 15 minutes.

Many patients find that one treatment is sufficient to achieve their goals, but others may desire a series of sessions spaced 12 weeks apart.


You will see a noticeable fat reduction in targeted areas between six and 12 weeks after your first treatment session.

That extended process can make your fat elimination look more “natural.” Others will assume your fat loss is a result of diet and exercise unless you choose to tell them about your TruSculpt ID procedure.

How does TruSculpt ID differ from other fat elimination treatments?

Unlike liposuction, TruSculpt ID treatments require no hospitalization or downtime and carry no surgical risks. You can return to work immediately following your treatment.

CoolSculpting can cause numbness and uses a suction device that some patients find uncomfortable.

EMSCULPT reduces fat and improves muscle tone by stimulating muscles, causing them to contract as they would during heavy abdominal exercise. EMSCULPT results require regular maintenance sessions to keep your results.

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TruSculpt ID has proved to be an exceptionally safe, FDA-approved procedure. The treatments result in no scarring and no damage to skin and tissue. You will feel a gentle heating sensation that may last a little longer than your treatment session.

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Recovery from TruSculpt ID treatment

What recovery? You will not need to interrupt your normal schedules and routines. You can do anything you want to do and can immediately just “get on with your life.”


Costs will vary according to the size and number of your targeted treatment areas. Be sure to ask about costs and possible payment options before your treatment.

TruSculpt ID fat elimination treatment is painless, involves no invasive surgery, and requires no dieting, exercise, or downtime. The team of medical experts and aesthetic technicians at Plastic Surgeons of Akron, led by Dr. John Pedersen, warmly invites you to schedule a consultation.

Are you a good candidate for TruSculpt ID fat elimination?

TruSculpt ID can benefit both women and men of all ages and all skin types. You should be in good general health.

Ideal candidates are patients who are close to their ideal weight but struggling to eliminate stubborn fat deposits. TruSculpt ID is not recommended for patients who are pregnant or nursing.

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