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Improve Your Appearance and Boost Self‑Confidence

Breast augmentation is among the most popular aesthetic surgeries worldwide. Almost 1.5 million breast implant surgeries were performed in 2015 alone. It also has the highest patient satisfaction rating of nearly all cosmetic surgeries.

Countless women have relied on this procedure to improve their appearance and self-esteem. Enhancing bust size may also help women fill out clothing better so they have more choices with swimwear and wardrobe options.

Get a Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation

Dr. Pederson’s patients may have different ideas about what the “perfect breasts” look like in terms of size and shape. However, one thing nearly all patients share in common is that they want the result to look completely natural. Some breast implants just look fake, and that is not the aesthetic most patients aim for.

To get the most natural-looking result from breast augmentation, it is important to choose an implant size that is proportionate to the patient’s frame and width of the chest wall. An appropriately sized implant looks great on the body without appearing too large or small. Rather, it is just the right fit. It perfectly complements a woman’s silhouette, balancing her figure, and boosting her body confidence.

Get Help Choosing The Right Implant Size For Your Body

Dr. Pederson will help you select the correct implant size that fits your preferences, keeping anatomical measurements and proportions in mind. At the consultation, he takes care to listen respectfully to each woman’s wishes before suggesting the implant that she will be most happy with. Together, you and Dr. Pederson will go over the different breast implant styles.

The consultation also allows the patient to view and handle sample implants in order to make an informed decision that is right for her. Many women have a basic idea of the bra cup size they would like to have. Choosing the breast implant size can be tricky because breast implant volume is measured in cc’s — not cup sizes. It is in your best interest to see an experienced breast implant surgeon for assistance choosing the size that will meet your expectations.

Bra cup sizes vary between brands. A C-cup bra from Victoria’s Secret may be different than a C cup bra from Maidenform, for example. CC’s provide an accurate and reliable unit of measure that is standardized across the industry.

Additionally, patients starting out with a smaller cup size that wants to increase the bust size to a D cup will need a different number of ccs than a woman with slightly bigger breasts. Therefore, the end result will vary on different women even if the same number of CC’s are selected. A physical examination and breast measurements allow your surgeon to guide you toward the implant size that will make you happiest.

What Is The Best Type Of Breast Implant For Me?

We offer Natrelle and Mentor breast implants to enhance both the size and shape of your breasts. These are among the best breast implants on the market today.

Natrelle implants are made by Allergan, one of the most trusted names in cosmetic implants. Natrelle comes in many shapes, sizes, and textures. One of those is an anatomic implant, also colloquially known as a teardrop implant or “gummy bear implant”. This a silicone-gel filled implant that beautifully mimics the shape of a natural breast. That means the shape is tapered at the top and becomes more curvaceous and full at the bottom — just like real breasts.

In addition to Natrelle teardrop implants, Natrelle round implants are also available. This is the tried and true implant shape that many women have chosen for decades. We offer both so you can have the shape and style that suits your body best.

Mentor implants provide a soft and natural feel that is similar to natural breast tissue. These modern breast implants have a 95% patient satisfaction rating on RealSelf. Both Natrelle and Mentor are FDA approved for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction surgery, and breast revision surgery.

Hidden Breast Implants Scars Create A Natural-looking Result

All plastic surgery leaves scars. The surgery is done with an incision made under each breast at the crease, and the implants are inserted in the proper position, either above or below the chest muscle. Most patients find that the incisions heal to a fine line that blends into the surrounding skin.

An experienced Akron breast implant surgeon like Dr. Pederson ensures breast implant scars are well hidden to minimize the appearance of scarring. He will also provide aftercare instructions to speed scar healing after breast implant surgery. A scar that is barely visible is an important factor for an attractive surgical result.

Learn How Breast Augmentation Can Improve Your Breasts Starting Now

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