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Breast Lift
With Implantsin Akron, OH

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A breast lift with implants, or breast augmentation with lift can help women achieve breasts that appear fuller, rounder and more youthful.

A breast lift with implants add volume to the breast while a breast lift alone may not be enough to meet a woman's aesthetic goals.

To remove excess skin, incisions include one around the areola (the pigmented circle surrounding the nipple) and a vertical incision from the low part of the areola to the base of the breast. At Plastic Surgeons of Akron Breast Lift with Implants are expertly inserted through discreet incisions and strategically positioned beneath the pectoral chest muscle for an enhanced, natural-looking profile. As in regular breast augmentation surgery, implants may be silicone or saline.

This is a relatively complex operation and typically requires the patient to be placed under general anesthesia. Typically, patients can return to work in seven to 14 days but they should avoid vigorous activities for three weeks. Visible bruising should resolve within two weeks, and swelling should begin to subside within three weeks.

The shape of the breast may change slightly over time and the final result may not be realized for a few months.

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